Signs and Symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer

Lymphoma is a cancer type which attacks the immune system cells. The lymphocytes grow in an uncontrolled and unmanaged state and cause high rate of multiplication. These white blood cells move in the body through the lymph fluid.

These are carried into the body through a chain of vessels which is called the lymphatic system. This forms the part of the immune system.

The main aim of this system is to make sure that the body is able to ward off infection or any such threat to the organs. There are lymph nodes that help in filtering the body of all toxins or infections due to the presence of these cells.

The nodes tenderize and swell due to exposure to microbial organisms which results in severe local infection.

Lymphatic Cancer2

There are abnormal cells which travel from one node to the other lymph node. This can cause cancer to metastasize or spread. This type of cancer occurs outside the lymphatic tissue. Hence, it is called extra-nodal disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer:

  • The symptoms of lymphoma are of various kinds. This is dependent on where the cancer is situated.
  • The symptoms will also vary as per the size of the tumor and how far it has spread.
  • Generally, this condition shows the body to have swellings in the groin, underarm or neck.
  • There might be swellings elsewhere such as the spleen. This is where the lymph nodes are located.
  • The lymphoma can cause the enlarged nodes to take up the space of the blood vessels.
  • This affects the nerves, stomach and nerves. This causes swellings of the legs and arms.
  • One can also feel tingly, numb or bloated.
  • There certain other symptoms which can be related to lymphoma such as chills, sudden weight loss, fever, lethargy, itchiness and sweats.

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