Tongue Cancer

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer in Women

When cells proliferate without control in any part of the tongue, it is known as tongue cancer. Tongue cancer can occur in the visible portion of the tongue or in the anterior part of the tongue that extends into the throat. Typically, squamous cell cancer is the most prevalent type of tongue cancer. Smoker, consuming too much alcohol and chewing tobacco can increase the chances of tongue cancer.

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer in Women

Symptoms of tongue cancer in women are as follows:

Lumps on the Tongue

The side of the tongue that is in contact with the teeth can develop lumps that may turn into ulcerating sores. These lumps can be red and white in color and may feel hard. They can bleed if touched or even bitten.


The tongue can be painful, but this is a symptom that appears in the later stages of tongue cancer as in the initial stages tongue cancer does not cause pain. The woman will experience pain while chewing or swallowing. If the malignancy grows into the lingual and auriculotemporal nerves in the mouth, the woman will also experience pain in the ear.

Difficulty in Swallowing

Women suffering from tongue cancer face difficulty while swallowing as they could feel that there is a lump in their throat. Usually this symptom of tongue cancer occurs in the later stages.

Numbness of the Tongue

Tongue cancer can cause the tongue to become numb and this can have an adverse effect on the woman’s speech. It is also possible that women suffering from tongue cancer can experience changes in their voice too.


When tongue cancer develops, the body’s immune system goes into overdrive. This can cause inflammation in the mouth. Due to inflammation, the woman may experience changes in their bite and if she wears dentures, she will find that they no longer fit properly.

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