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Top Lung Cancer Fighting Foods

Lung cancer is one of the most common, and one of the most lethal types of cancer. However, numerous forms of nutrition exists which help in combatting lung cancer besides the obvious chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Changing your diet, and making it increasingly difficult for the cancer cells to survive inside your body plays an integral role in curing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Fighting Foods

The diet aimed at killing cancer cells increases the effectiveness of other treatment. Below given is the list of the top lung cancer fighting foods :


Most fruits, especially fruits like lemon, have vitamin C and numerous antioxidants that both reduce risk of lung cancer, and fight any lung cancer in the body.

These antioxidants reduce free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of cancer, and also contain phytochemicals which directly combat cancer cells in the body.

Blueberries, avocados, blackberries and cherries are some fruits which are risk in antioxidants.

Regularly eating such fruits, or their freshly extracted juices, can visibly act to combat lung cancer.


Vegetables contain valuable vitamins and minerals, and other micronutrients are that the body uses to fortify its immune system in times of emergency.

Cancer cells thrive in the absence of a boosted immune system. When the body detects cancer cells, it uses all available nutrients to try and increase the immune system’s power.

Supplying the body with the required nutrients in this time can allow the body to combat any lung cancer effectively. Green vegetables are the best for fortifying one’s body.

Lean Protein:

Lean proteins have been shown to combat cancer cells in the body. Protein sources like beans, turkey, and chicken provide lean proteins. These are different from the proteins found in red meat like beef.

It is also advisable to avoid roasting or frying your meat. It is healthier to bake or broil your meat to keep it free of carcinogens. Also, broiling denatures the proteins to a lesser extent than roasting, making it easier for the body to digest the protein.

Green Tea:

Green tea is an extremely useful dietary addition for anyone suffering from any form of disease that involves inflammation or internal cell damage.

It contains antioxidants that protect lung cells from suffering damage due to free radicals, and this helps in protecting them against cancer.

Although the advised dosage is high, ten cups of green tea a day can significantly slow down the growth of any cancer cells, allowing conventional treatment to work better, thereby increasing general health of the patient.

Red Wine:

Drinking a regulated quantity of red wine daily has immense benefits due to the proteins found in it. Resveratrol and other antioxidants found in red wine have a positive effect on a person’s health, and up to a certain quantity of red wine, the positive effects of these enzymes is actually more potent than the negative effects of alcohol.

One to two drinks a day can serve to act against lung cancer in the body, preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

Lung cancer is known to have one of the highest mortality rates of cancer types, but there exist foods that enhance the body’s resistance to cancer, allowing better chances of leading a healthy life

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